The 90’s may be over, we’re bring it back with pastel colours and killer prints (as always)


Take a step into our TROPICALLIE HOTEL!
We created this collections with colours we saw fit for the upcoming summer, with lilacs, blues, peachy tones and even some greens.


Put on your smallest strappy heels, a pair of high waisted shorts and your newest bikini obsession from this collection and join us at TROPICALLIE!

When we were growing up we spent a lot of time travelling around with our parents, many of road trips and camping later we finally checked into a hotel, It wasn’t called tropicallie but it was in a tropical paradise.

Memories always randomly pop up in our minds and we guess this is us letting all our queens into our weird and wonderful world.

If you’ve been with us a short period of time or since day 1 back in 2017, you’ll know we do prints and we do them well!
Because we don’t have time for your basic bitch bikinis. We’re here for all the colour, the prints and the flattering styles.

Come meet us at TROPICALLIE and see into our wild world which is design and creativity on a deadline and also in free form!



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