Let's take a walk down memory lane.

Launching in what feels like forever ago, 2017 with our branding from when i studied at University in Melbourne. 
Salt and Ripple was born in the bedroom of my family home, with 150 sets and a dream we moved forward with our vision to bring all styles of bikinis to the world in an oversaturated BASIC swimwear market with solid colours.
Prints became our identifier very quickly, with the aspect of 2 prints in 1 bikini which we didn't realise was about to solve our biggest problem within the coming months and years. 

After the first launch of slow sales and the fire inside died a little, i left for a 6 month trip around the world with no return ticket. I NEEDED SOME INSPIRATION, I NEEDED TO EXPERIENCE LIFE. 

We packed our bikinis in our 7kg backpack and left the country. The best part about this, we didn't have to pack as many bikini as our's were all reversible and there was no need to wear anything else in the tropical inches of the world!

Fast forward to coming home and launching another collection with the fire reignited. I was on the right track to move forward. 

2020 - One last overseas SOLO trip to the Philippines where everything really changed for us in the sense of work and the business. Little did we know the world was about to be locked down. 
All of 2 days after arriving home the return international travel isolation begun. 

Locked inside in the middle of summer and winter i found myself out of my bar job, no gym, only walks with family and no other human contact....Salt and Ripple was reborn again...for the 4th time in a few years.

In September 2021 after almost 2 years of lockdown and new found fire for our business which grew in isolation and lock down we decided to rebrand as the old branding felt like we had outgrown it. 

Along came Jad & Co and changed the trajectory of our brand for the best!
Branding is much bigger than just a logo, we worked together while she was in 2 week isolation upon returning back to Australia. We had a few ideas back and forth, i gave her the rains and boy oh boy did she come through with the ABSOLUTE GOODS!

Since the rebrand we have had a few sold out collections, restocks and new ventures such as the birth of SALT ACTIVE

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